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Get paid for viewing ads! Withdraw immediatly, no minimum amounts. Built on top of Bitcoin and the Lightning Network, no altcoins or ICOs.

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An alternative business model for the web based on microtransactions. Use your satoshis to reward useful content. Let's change advertising from a push based model(forced, unwanted and privacy invading) to a pull based model with users' consent.

Don't have a Lightning wallet?

Wallet of Satoshi simple and fast mobile wallet but custodial.

Eclair non-custodial mobile wallet.

Zap non-custodial desktop and mobile wallet.

Learn about Bitcoin and the Lightning Network

Start here for Bitcoin and then here for the Lightning Network.

Bitcoin is a digital currency without a central bank. It's slow, has high fees and can achieve roughly 7 transactions per second. Think of it like a Real-time gross settlement system used for high value transactions.

The Lightning Network builds on Bitcoin to enable fast, low cost and small transactions. Think of it like the UK's Faster Payments Service or Canada's Interac.

Bitcoin White Paper Lightning White Paper